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Times have changed and may have made your work more challenging, but you persevere because that’s just what you do.

Your advocates at Warner Communications want to help you to adapt and navigate through your current needs.

Our experts will also help you plan for the future in light of things like revised budgets and your ongoing, ever-evolving responsibilities to help ensure reliable, efficient communications and safety throughout your organization.

We understand what you’re going through, and we’re here to work for you and with you through thick and thin because that’s just what we do.

Two-Way Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Land Mobile Radio

We offer a wide range of professional digital and analog portable and mobile two-way radios and devices, and we have the experience and expertise to design and install a custom solution to cover as wide or as small of an area as you need.

P25, TETRA, NXDN, DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3, fleet vehicle installs, connecting multiple sites over IP, and building and deploying dispatching solutions are some of our specialties.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)

Push-to-Talk over Cellular

If nationwide coverage at the push of a button is what you need, let us set you up with 3G/4G/5G/LTE Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios and dispatching and fleet tracking solutions.

Similar to traditional Land Mobile Radio, PoC radios are also available in a "portable," handheld style as well as a vehicle-mounted or desktop "mobile" style.

Powerful and easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps let you manage and track fleet locations and communications from anywhere.

Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi

Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi

Imagine the ease and seamlessness of instant, one-button communications over a Wi-Fi connection just like you use to access the internet at home or at the office.

We'll provide you with the Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi devices and a powerful network backbone to connect your team with quick, one-button communications regardless of how simple or complex your environment and needs.

Security Technology

Video Security

Video Security

Boost security, accountability, and productivity around the clock with a reliable and professional video surveillance security solution designed just for you and your specific needs.

Access and Entry Control

Access and Entry Control

Check and track visitors and employees with no-touch body temperature scanning and facial recognition technology that works even on someone who's wearing a mask.

Keep an eye on who's coming and going, and grant access to gates and doors remotely.

We'll assess your specific needs and work with you from start to finish on a perfect solution.

Wireless Alert Notification

Wireless Alert Notification

With one of our highly expandable and configurable wireless alert notification solutions, you'll never miss another critical alarm or alert.

Receive instant wireless alert notifications on your two-way radios while simultaneously getting phone calls, text messages, PC alerts, and emails.

We can integrate into your current monitoring devices or provide fresh, custom solutions for monitoring your equipment, environmental conditions, room temperatures, moisture and water levels, power loss, door access, gunshot and intrusion detection, and more.

Expert Service and Repair
Expert service and repair.

On site or back in the shop, our skilled technicians are ready to diagnose and fix your issues. 24-hour emergency service available.

Two-Way Radio Rentals
Two-Way Radios

Rent professional radios for events, seasonal businesses, disaster-recovery efforts, and more. Learn more, or request a quote.

Vehicle Build-Out
Emergency Vehicle

Outfit your vehicles with two-way radios, cameras, lights, sirens, loudspeakers, radar, and traffic-control systems.

Vehicle build-out is available in St. Louis, southern Illinois, and southeastern Missouri.

Full-Service FCC Licensing

Remove the worry of staying on top of your FCC licenses. We'll keep them current and can modify, add, or renew licenses.

Financing and Leasing

Free up cash flow with our convenient financing and leasing options. It just takes a quick one-time credit check.

Wide-Area Coverage

Connect your fleet with InstaTalk, and get radios and airtime as low at $35/month per unit. Tell me more.

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Two-Way Communications and Security Technology Products

Check out a selection of our two-way radios and public-safety pagers available in St. Louis and Southern Illinois below, or click here for an overview of our full line of products including video security cameras, access control, and more.

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